Glens will bring your
real world customer knowledge
to the next level

Why use it

As a marketer you are looking to get information about who your visitors are. Don’t look any further, our solution is the easiest one to get powerful information in a glance.

What we suggest

Collect information about your customers

Do a research of your target audience

Make targeted offers for a particular customer

Main features

Our algorithm is able to understand all characteristics of each individuals in front of your camera. No matter which kind of camera it is. Hosted in the cloud, our API will ask for a video stream and will output a list of informations in real time!

  • ID #11
  • Age 36
  • Gender Male
  • Glasses Yes
  • Hair color Red
  • Beard True
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  • Common look Casual
  • Date 02/03/2020
  • Weather Cloudy
  • Temperature
  • Humidity 75%
  • Geography Minsk

Competitive advantages

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Just a video stream and an internet connection are needed to get real datas


We provide raw data which can be connect to any Customer Data Platform


Big real datas no one could get

GDPR friendly

No picture is taken, no video recorded. Just data

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How it works

Step 1

You create an account.

Step 2

We give you an access to our API, and you redirect your video stream to it.

Step 3

We connect our API to your favorite customer data platform.

Step 4

You get information about your customers in real time.

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